Library Kranj - Slovenia

In the first quarter of 2011, Televic and Dat-Con collaborated on a conference installation project in Kranj, Slovenia. The end customer was a public library. Dat-Con won the project and installed a turnkey AV solution in this multipurpose meeting room.


There is no fixed configuration for the seats and tables. For that reason the customer chose for a flexible, mobile solution.

The Confidea CU is used as the heart of the conference system, transmitting power and audio to the Confidea delegate units on the front desks .

The floor channel is distributed to the ID2500 interpreter desks, which are installed in 2 interpreter boots behind the front desks. The interpreted audio channels are distributed over an Aladdin T8 transmitter to an Aladdin RAD25 infrared radiator. Delegates can choose to listen to their native language on the Aladdin R8 infrared receivers by selecting the right channel.

Two wireless microphones are injected in the system via the analog inputs on the back of the Confidea CU central unit, which is installed together with an amplifier and other central equipment in an 19 inch rack, placed in a separate control room.


  • Country: Slovenia
  • Date: 2012
  • Partners: Dat-Con