Marina Militaire Rome

What to do when a client asks you for a conference system with a minimum amount of cables? What if they also need to quickly install and dismantle the system on a regular basis?


Then a Confidea system is the perfect solution. And you even have a choice: the wired version can be installed in daisy chain running a single cable from unit to unit, meeting the first demand. However, if budget allows, the wireless version is the one you need to go for. The extremely short set-up and dismantling time that this system requires will impress any client.

The install at the Navy department of the Ministry of Defense in Rome is a proven case. The tables with historic value in the meeting room of the Marina Militare have just been restored by a furniture restoration specialist, so any tampering with those tables is out of the question.

Although the conference system shines by its simplicity, the install itself is quite complex. It involves a video conferencing system, displays in front of the delegates, room audio and additional microphones. The integration was done by TT Tecnosistemi, dealing with challenges of room acoustics and mastering the skills required for 3rd party integration.



  • Country: Italy
  • Date: 2013
  • Partners: Satnet S.r.l