Province of Utrecht

The Televic install at the ‘Province of Utrecht’ is part of a complete make-over of all audio-visual installations in the building.

Two rooms have been equipped with a Televic Conference system: the ‘Statenzaal’ and the ‘Commission room’.



The ‘Statenzaal’

The ‘Statenzaal’ is the bigger of the two. It has a Televic Conference system coupled to a room audio system and is controlled from a small AMX panel at the chairman’s position. This panel also controls the light, sunscreens, video sources and audio levels.

The furniture is made up of individual modular desks, each holding two conference units. Every now and again, the room also serves other purposes and then the desks need to be removed. The Televic All-in-One conference panels are interconnected by a single cable only, which makes disconnecting and reconnecting for one of these moves a lot simpler.

The ‘Commission Room’

The second room – the ‘Commission Room’ – is a lot smaller, but more frequently used. The architecture of the room is quite challenging from an acoustic perspective. It is a completely round room with concave walls that bounce off sound and focus it to create real acoustic ‘hot-spots’. It is hence all but easy to set up a conference system that increases intelligibility and at the same time doesn’t start howling due to the acoustic behavior of the room itself.

The solution here is twofold. Sound absorbing panels that also contribute to the aesthetics of the room reduce the acoustic lens effect of the curved walls. Secondly, the room speakers suspended from the ceiling in the center of the room point directly at the delegates to contribute to the intelligibility. These speakers only provide a small fraction of the total sound field, so reflection is minimal. The broadband speakers integrated in the Televic All-in-One conference panels provide the majority of the total sound level. They produce an evenly distributed sound field that is not pointed at the walls and thus does not suffer much from the reflections.

A fully automated set-up

Dimitri van der Linden, facility manager at ‘House of Province of Utrecht’ is happy with the way MK2, our partner in the Netherlands handled these acoustic challenges and the total AV overhaul in general. “We wanted a fully automated, user-friendly system that can be controlled by anybody, not just the technically savvy. And we are very happy with what MK2 provided” he states.



  • Country: Netherlands
  • Date: 2011
  • Partners: MK2 Audiovisueel