RIA New Internation Press Center, Moscow

The head office of RIA News in Moscow was looking for an audio system for their International Press Center. As the system was going to be moved around quite often, mobility was an important aspect in their decision making.


The Televic Confidea Wireless turned out to be their system of choice: instead of having microphones in fixed positions all the time, they now have a system that they can move and configure according to their requirements. Depending on the amount of guests that are invited in the Press Center, different set-ups or configurations can easily be realized.

Another important factor was the environment in which the wireless conference system was going to be used. It imposed some extra requirements regarding spectrum use. The
Confidea Wireless discussion system turned out to be the most appropriate solution thanks to the multi-band feature, allowing the system to operate both in the 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz band.



  • Country: Russian Federation
  • Date: 2010