Town Council Reimerswaal

With the planned renovation of the council room, the town council of Reimerswaal in the Netherlands planned installing a new conference system.


Via an official tender process various solutions were proposed to the council to meet their requirements.

Price, design and robustness
As with most town councils, budget was tight so finding good value for money was a prime concern. If at all possible the system also needed to look good, sound great and support regular set-up and tear down.

D-Cerno delivers more value
Turns out that Televic’s D-Cerno delivers all that is needed and more.

The Reimerswaal town council also wanted to record the council meetings and hence the built-in audio recording was a nice plus: it made things simpler, reduced the amount of equipment needed and was hence easier on the budget.

The good value for money was emphasized by the fact that at its compelling price level D-Cerno also offers digital conferencing instead of analog; an aspect that not went unnoticed.

Finally, the design of the system appealed to the decision makers. Especially the touch technology that makes sanitizing the surface of the units a breeze, made D-Cerno stand out.

Solid technology
Occasionally, the council room is used for other events, so one of the concerns was: will the equipment tolerate a regular dismantling and set-up process. Especially the cabling could prove to be an issue. However, D-Cerno cabling is standard cabling, widely available and easy to replace if necessary. Also it takes very little time to dismantle or set up, and the configuration is really intuitive.

“We chose for Televic D-Cerno for various reasons” says Johan Gideonse of the town council Reimerswaal. “Every now and again the system needs to be removed from the council room, so most important for us was the proven technology combined with solid cabling and robust connectors

Open government through webcasting
There is one more element that convinces Johan Gideonse of having made the right choice. “D-Cerno is extremely easy to integrate with our existing webcasting solution of Company Webcast" adds Johan Gideonse. “It is perfect to make our councils accessible for the people and to archive them for future viewing”

A total of 27 D-Cerno delegate units with a D-Cerno CU-R central unit were installed in the Reimerswaal Town Council.


  • Country: Netherlands
  • Date: 2013