Town council of Zwolle

The Town Council of Zwolle recently installed a Televic conference system to replace the old system that was installed in the council room. A complete overhaul was the best option as the existing system was out of service and beyond repair. It was a good opportunity to move from analog to digital.


Budget friendly customization

To reduce the impact on the budget, the town council of Zwolle relied on Televic's customization capabilities, thus avoiding costly modifications to the furniture or even its renewal. Televic hence developed a custom module that fits the existing placeholders where the delegate units of the previous system used to be.

Besides the rather standard discussion and voting functionality, the custom panel also holds a USB port that is used by the council members to power and charge their mobile devices during the meetings.

Intuitive software control

The install is completed with Televic’s CoCon Control Software which is experienced by the customer as being a huge improvement compared to the software of the old system. It is perceived as being very intuitive, logical and accessible even for the less technically savvy.

A real relief

The new system is a leap forward compared to the old one. The town council of Zwolle describes it as “a real relief”. Intelligibility in the council room has increased significantly due to the sound quality of the Televic system and the level of confidence has gone up.

Integration with webcasting.

The Televic system has been connected to the existing Notubiz webcasting solution so that anyone can follow the council meetings over the internet.


  • Country: Netherlands
  • Date: 2013
  • Partners: MK2 Audiovisueel