Unesco Paris

Unesco has chosen for the flexibility and evolutivity of the TCS5500 system. Unesco has many meeting rooms for which 8 are equipped with TCS system.


The TCS5500 solution has been selected as the system of choice for several reasons:

  • Customization: As the head office at the Place Fontenoy is a “protected monument” changes to meeting rooms have to be done in total respect of the original concept. This means that delegate panels have to be customized to fit the original furniture.
  • Scalability: The TCS5500 is ideal as a scalable platform to cope with the variety in room sizes. At the Unesco rooms range from 40 to 1400 delegates and 8 to 20 Interpreter desks.
  • Innovation: The Conference Service of Unesco is very demanding and always at the lookout for improving their conference services. In this respect, Unesco were among the first to implement new conference technologies such as TCS5500 in itself, but also OLED listener panels, Confidea wireless and wired delegate units.


Quick facts:

Televic installed:

  • 6 Conference rooms
  • 1023 Delegate stations
  • 64 Interpeter desks
  • Centralized control


  • Country: France
  • Date: 2008