United Nations: General Assembly

The General Assembly is the beating heart of the United Nations Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. It is home to large-scale meetings with every official member and it features some of the biggest and most complex interactions. The focal point of the room’s new conference system was video, made possible through Televic’s brand-new Plixus® architecture and a custom hardware approach.

Project details

The massive scale of the United Nations’s General Assembly Room poses particular challenges: over 2,200 participants need to be up to speed on the proceedings at all times. With over 800 active participants and an audience of more than 1,400 people, meetings become very complex, very quickly. What’s more, in a diverse multilingual context, up to 46 interpreters need to have a clear view of the meeting to ensure every message is understood by every participant.

The key to improving the efficiency of the meetings was Televic’s state-ofthe-art PLIXUS® architecture, which handles low-latency (less than one frame) Full HD 1080p video with ease. It allowed Televic to build a network around dedicated video units.

Firstly, each delegate has a custom designed Confidea Flushmount panel with an integrated camera. Since the unique architecture of the room did not allow for camera tracking, Televic created tailor-made panels with a camera inside. This approach also creates talking heads for every active speaker. What’s more, it gives interpreters a crystal-clear, lip-synced image of every speaker, on a screen alongside Televic’s Lingua Interpreter Desk.

Additionally, each chairperson has a custom 10” uniCOS multimedia unit with different video streams at their disposal. It ensures they have a perfect view of the large screen behind them and the active speaker in the room, with the ability to seamlessly switch between them.
Finally, the UN’s General Assembly also showcases the strength of Televic’s flexibility in combining units. Interpreter desks, flushmount panels, multimedia units, and video accessories work flawlessly on the same network. And all over a single CAT 5e cable, with pristine audio and crystal-clear video.

    Equipment List

    PLIXUS® Network Architecture

    • 31 custom 10” uniCOS MME units
    • 773 custom Confidea F units with   integrated   camera
    • 1,420 Confidea F-CS
    • 46 Lingua Interpreter Desks
    • 28 Video OUT Boxes

    Cocon Software Suite

    • Cocon Discussion
    • Cocon Signage
    • Cocon Voting
    • Cocon Authentication
    • Cocon Documentation
    • Cocon Import/Export
    • Cocon Audio Routing
    • Cocon Interpretation

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