United Nations Moscow

UN again chooses Televic. Now in Russia.
Another high profile Televic installation was completed by our distributor in Russia, Brullov Consulting. The UN headquarters in Moscow are now equipped with a
Confidea wireless conference system and an Aladdin infrared language distribution system.


Switch between 2.4 to 5 GHz

As the UN is an organization where reliability and security are factors of paramount importance, Televic Confidea was chosen over other wireless systems for its clear advantage of having the possibility to switch between 2.4 GHz range to 5 GHz. Bands that are quite occupied in center of Moscow. Also it was chosen for its proven success at other UN sites all over the world.


Fully mobile system

Technically speaking, it is not really an installation, because the system is fully mobile. It consists of 22 wireless Confidea microphones, 20 digital Infrared Aladdin receivers and necessary central equipment. Besides Televic equipment, there are Audipack interpreter booths, mobile projectors with screens and a pro audio system.


    • Country: Russian Federation
    • Date: 2010
    • Partners: Brullov Consulting