United Nations: Room XVII

The United Nations Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland is one of the largest institutions in the world. The Renovation of Room XVII, one of the most prestiguous meeting rooms, required a totally tailored approach with several challenges, under strict deadlines, on a mammoth scale.

Project Details

Firstly, the project required entirely custom equipment. Specially designed 10” uniCOS units were developed with an integrated camera and physical voting buttons. What’s more, to meet the strict architectural demands, all screw holes were removed to create a perfectly flush and seamless finish.

Televic also developped a special e-ink nameplate to reduce the manual hassle of placing cards with delegate names on every desk. The nameplate was custom designed for the project by Televic’s R&D department. The result is a massive reduction in preparation time and labor costs. Room XVII is powered by PLIXUS®, Televic’s next-generation conference system. As a result, several breakthrough technologies were possible, first and foremost on the video front.

Using brand-new Video IN & Video-OUT Boxes, video streams can be injected and extracted anywhere on the entire network. Since PLIXUS® handles FullHD 1080p video with delays of only a single frame, interpreters have lip-synced video of multiple speakers streams right at their fingertips. For delegates, the camera integration in each units creates a talking head for active speakers.

Combined with the CoCon software suite, operators have fine-grained meeting tools at their disposal to control and manage multimedia meetings with up to 250 participants. From the massive scope all the way to the tiniest details, Room XVII is truly a testament to Televic’s strengths: from tailored solutions to technological innovations.

Equipment List

PLIXUS® Network Architecture

  • 240 custom 10” uniCOS MME units

  • 263 vertical Confidea F-CS
  • 249 e-ink Nameplates
  • 33 standard Confidea F-CS
  • 26 Lingua Interpreter Desks
  • 17 Video-IN Boxes
  • 6 Video OUT Boxes

Cocon Software Suite

  • Cocon Discussion
  • Cocon Signage
  • Cocon Voting
  • Cocon Authentication
  • Cocon Documentation
  • Cocon Import/Export
  • Cocon Audio Routing
  • Cocon Interpretation

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