University of Malta

The University of Malta needed a microphone system for their students to use in class. Our Maltese partner DAB ProAV Ltd found a solution with Televic’s Confidea Wireless: it could easily meet a number of specific requirements.


Specific requirements

The university needed a system that would work with a video conference system so that a connection could be made to another classroom on the Maltese island of Gozzo. Having an analog input and output on the Wireless Conference Access Point made that job easy. Combined with the “N-1” or “Mix-Minus” setting in the web browser control, an echo free connection is established with the far end of a video conference set-up.

The requirements also included the need for sufficient flexibility so that several students would be able to share one conference microphone. Confidea Wireless offers that flexibility: students can freely shift the unit around while sharing it amongst them, without cables lying around or limiting the freedom of movement.

5GHz band

And last but not least, the potential congestion of the 2.4GHz band was a concern that Confidea Wireless easily alleviated. With its quad band capability it offers plenty of possible operating frequencies, also in the 5GHz range.

The system installed at the university is a complete set of 10 Confidea Wireless DD delegate units, 2 CD chairman units, Confidea CHC transport cases and Confidea CHT charging trays. 


    • Country: Malta
    • Date: 2011
    • Partners: DAB ProAV