Wireless Conference System Confidea at BPS College Sonepat

The Wireless Conference System Confidea found its way into the National Meeting Centre of BPS Government Medical College for Women in Sonepat (Haryana) India. This centre receives a varying number of guests in different meeting rooms and the configuration of those rooms can change quite often.


Mobility and flexibility

Mobility and flexibility were of capital importance for the new conference system of the college. Also, a specific set-up required the college to perform complex coupling of multiple rooms with full control from a single location. To get the system up and running in this complex configuration the people of BPS College would sometimes only have 15 minutes to make it happen.

Confidea: a quad band system

A Wireless conference system would offer the best mobility and flexibility but the need for room coupling and some specific requirement for the use of the wireless spectrum narrowed the possibilities for a workable system.

Confidea turned out to be the best wireless conference system to meet the requirements of BPS College. Being a quad band system with an elaborate choice of frequencies Confidea eliminates any concerns on spectrum usage.

Scalable, yet minimum investment

The Wireless Access Point acts as a central unit making a stand-alone configuration set-up really fast and minimising the required investment for a fully working system to a minimum. The built-in webserver allows controlling the system from any location and creating virtual conference rooms. So Confidea can deal with a variety of room sizes making it for BPS College a really scalable system that best answers their needs.


  • Country: India
  • Date: 2013