Safe Council Meetings in COVID-19 Times

Safe Distance in Meetings with Televic Conference

Meeting with the requirements of social distancing brings about new challenges. Televic delegate microphones offer the flexibility required to make a permanent installation expandable into a temporary solution. Spread out by using longer standard IT cables, or opting for a completely wireless system. Learn more by watching this quick video.

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How Televic Conference Enables Safe Council Meetings

Due to COVID-19 city councils are facing new challenges in organizing meetings while respecting social distancing and other measures put in place by the government. Now more than ever Televic Conference can help you achieve that. Through excellent audio quality and product features, our solutions are ready to help. 

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  • Easy cable infrastructure makes it possible to easily comply with local social distancing rules 



  • Easy to move to bigger spaces

  • Easy and quick to setup


Hybrid Meetings

  • Add remote participants to in-room systems by integrating with collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom

  • Make the meetings even more engaging using video on uniCOS

How Televic Conference Enables Hybrid Meetings

Hybrid meetings will continue even as we return to our offices and meeting facilities. Televic Video and Audio delegate systems provide a trusted design to bring audio to each participant in the room and ensure their audio is sent directly to the remote participants eliminating complaints that they can not hear the meeting. Learn more about Televic Audio and Video Delegate microphones below to see and hear the difference.

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How to clean Televic products?

  • It is advised to always consult the device's user guide for cleaning instructions
  • Make sure to clean the entire device surface
  • For cleaning devices with a screen, it is advised to use a lightly moistened cloth or soft tissue with a recognized product for cleaning screens. Avoid using solvents with a high alcohol concentration (> 70%)
  • Avoid spraying solvents directly on the device
  • Make sure the device is turned off before cleaning

Meeting safely with social distancing measures:

  • Make sure there is a safe distance between delegates if you meet in person
  • If more space is needed the conference system could be moved to another room, e.g. a wireless system allows for full room flexibility.

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