Social distancing

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"In Covid-19 times you need a solution that allows you to hear and be heard even when you are seated wide apart."

Wired or wireless, the Televic delegate units can easily be spread out to increase the space between council members.  So when you are 3feet/1m or 30 feet/10m apart, you hear just as good. You can also move the microphone system from your cozy council chamber to a large sports hall while maintaining perfect audio intelligibility and the quality of your meeting.  All this, without the need to have your system reprogrammed.

"Having a flexible Conference system was key to apply the social distancing rules set by our government"

Wireless isn’t the only way to go since all our wired devices utilize standard daisy-chaining network cabling, it’s extremely easy to create larger distances between people with longer cables.

Our systems are easily integrated into what you already have in your council room. This means that when social distancing is no longer required, you simply move your new microphones onto their original position and continue using them. If social distancing is needed again, you are ready to adapt.