T-Cam Software Updates

T-Cam v1.57 (2019-12-16)



  • Camera control over IP (as alternative to the standard serial connection)

Download T-Cam v1.57


T-Cam v1.49 (2019-09-03)



  • Added automatic restore of the connection with Plixus after Plixus engine was switched off/on
  • Fix for not receiving names

Download T-Cam v1.49


T-Cam v1.44 (2019-05-13)

Please note: the new Black Magic ATEM TV Studio TV HD driver 8.0 is recommended to avoid lockup when left on for a long time.



  • Added compatibility for seats without delegate names in Plixus
  • Fixed a memory leak when the system was left on for a long time
  • Added automatic LAN connection restore after LAN interruption

Download T-Cam v1.44

T-Cam v1.39 (2019-02-01)


New Features:

  • More logs in automation
  • Delete logs older than 2 months
  • New drop shadow setting to avoid performance issues for large layouts
  • Button in the layout toolbar to show/hide microphone IDs


  • 'H' camera is now camera 8 when in "8 input" mode


  • Switching between view A and B
  • Mic events repeating, causing move between A and B
  • When using more than 400 presets and going to cog, it would reset the number of preset to old number and wiping some presets
  • Removed 200 seat limitation

Download T-Cam v1.39

T-Cam v1.26 (2018-03-07)


  • Improved preview stability and picture quality
  • To be used with the following drivers:
    • Blackmagic Desktop Video_Installer 10.9.7
    • Atem v7.2
  • Changed overlay functionality: only one capture card needed (see user manual chapter 3.6)

  PC Screen 1 PC screen 2 ATEM output
Name Overlay off Preview Full view Full view
Name Overlay on PC Preview Full view + adjustable Name Overlay Full view
Name Overlay on ATEM Preview with fixed name Overlay No image Full view with fixed name overlay
  • Corrected error message after change of settings

Download T-Cam v1.26

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